Nespresso compatible capsules

A careful selection of the most appreciated and requested drinks of the moment, enclosed in practical Nespresso compatible capsules, to offer you the opportunity to enjoy your drink at any time of the day.

Our blends are composed of top quality ingredients

Preservative free - Gluten free - Hydrogenated fat free - GMO free

because your break is important but your health is much more important.

Packs of 10 capsules - single dose

Barley and Ginseng

nespresso classic ginseng konte
Classic ginseng
nespresso bitter ginseng konte
Bitter Ginseng
nespresso soluble barley konte
Soluble Barley

The Greedy

nespresso cappuccino konte
nespresso choccolate konte
nespresso Creme brulee konte
Creme Bruleè
nespresso Turmeric and Cinnamon konte
Turmeric and Cinnamon
nespresso nocciolino konte
nespresso bitter white chocolate konte
Bitter White Chocolate
nespresso Cortado Kontè
nespresso Cortado Kontè

nespresso Mokaccino Kontè

Infusions, Teas and Herbal Teas

nespresso Chamomile (in leaves) Kontè
Chamomile (in leaves)
nespresso lemon tea
Lemon Tea